Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's a hobby!

Thank you to all (several dozens) of  "congrats on new job" on my LinkedIn page! I really appreciate community support! Also it is a good topic for a new post on my Blog!

LinkedIn has been very persistent that for better chances to be noticed as a potential contributor - I need to have current position listed. After starting this blog - I added it as a position, which caused the confusion. Please accept my apologies for that!

To be clear - Blogger is not a job - it's a hobby!

Additionally I wanted my blog to have a short and sharp name. After querying registration engines for a couple hours when sitting on a beach in White Rock, BC - my luck came and CrispyFog was born. Now it's the official URL for this blog!

What this name means? Not much... Personal Computing became Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing became huge complex construction with number of angles to look at and thousands of technologies to make it better, more useful, user
-friendly, automated, orchestrated etc. So it's how Cloud became Fog (now Fog is almost an industry term).

So my quest here is to make this fog more definite - translate what industry wants to do to what is possible today and what can come tomorrow. One of my favorite explanation of actions that my colleagues can see as pessimistic - "I'm not being negative, I'm a realist" If all marketing buzz is cut out and real life use-cases is tested with what we have today in terms of technology - it can be seen as much clearer (crispier picture). It's how CrispyFog was created and also it's easy to remember and type.

In terms of my job search. Two weeks ago after coming back from vacation I started too aggressively. Now I have multiple conversations going with number of recruiters, employers and friends. I almost have to stop and push back. I'm still trying to figure out what I would love to do next that will keep me excited for awhile. Also an opportunity to enjoy summer of 2017 is priceless, especially when there is no need to run to the office if my 1.5y.o baby-D wants to play in a sand with her papa.

In meantime I probably will do some contract work to keep my skills sharp and learn something new. Relocation to Silicon Valley would provide much more opportunities but as a family we're not ready for it at the moment. Seattle is a maximum what I can get my wife to agree on. After digging a bit - there are still a couple of very exciting companies in Vancouver and possible remote work for others.

Hope it's not too long and clarifies situation! Thank you if you read whole eight paragraphs!

Next blog will be covering a technology (I hope Puppet). I'll try to limit my life-update posts as much as I can.

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