Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Life - New Blog

It seems that my civilized divorce with VMware TAM and NSX TAS job has been completed.

No more access for me to a corporate blogging place anymore. It's sad from one side as now I have to maintain and advertise this blog on my own.

From other side the only limits I have here is my capacity and my own censorship of the content. And I look at it as a reflection of my reputation - keep the content as good as I can and don't be negative around things.

In meantime my short task list for this summer:

- Complete and report on Puppet training 
- Repeat Mesos Advanced course
- Learn Google Cloud by using free tier (12 Month US$300) and attending Cloud OnBoard program in Vancouver
- Find awesome interesting job - technical but with a lot of freedom and creativity
- And lastly, maybe resurrect my VCDX plans.

Wish me luck!