Wednesday, January 8, 2020

2019 in review

Just realized that I haven’t blogged for the whole year. The blogging is a therapy for me and certainly considering so many changes – returning to this professional hobby is necessary.

So what happened since December, 2018:

  • Google Cloud Certification – certainly getting there was an interesting experience, exam was different than any exams that I ever took before – which I really liked (maybe partially because I passed it?)
  • Cisco Live in San Diego in June:
  • Foo Fighters performing at Cisco Live 2019 Customer appreciation event

    • San Diego is the place that certainly makes me feel great
    • Keynotes, announcements and some of the sessions that I managed to attend certainly not as nearly exciting and interesting as my last Cisco Live event in 2010 – it seemed no one really understood why they are attending or presenting at the event
    • Foo Fighters at the customer appreciation event – was the best concert I’ve ever been. Dave Grohl has crazy amount of energy that I’ve never witnessed before!
    • Last day of the show – Avi Networks acquisition news came that completely derailed me for the rest of the year – as I never could predict to be VMware employee again
  • Bangalore, India trip:
    • In July I was presented with a unique opportunity to visit Avi Networks office in Bangalore
    • It was my first visit to India, and it was an absolutely incredible experience to meet in person many of the exceptional Avi Engineers that have worked with my customers
    • It was no cultural shock for me as many things in Russia are similar to what I could see in India. Friendly honking with no face expression was the newest thing for me
  • Back to VMware:
    • It has been two years and a couple of months since my departure from the company and it’s shocking to see all that changes
    • It’s really great to reconnect with my old friends 
    • Avi is still in the early stages of the integration and so far we all action as before – all together as part of NSBU (Network and Security Business Unit)

  • Technical blogging – there is a draft list of topics that I’m planning to turn to a separate blog posts (most likely on Packet Pushers community site)
    • Kubernetes and Security solutions
    • Distributed systems paradoxes in SDN (was just published)
    • Fingers crossed - it will much more to come!