Monday, January 29, 2018

Petr's new beginning

Mostly evidence that I'm writing it on my way from Europe

It’s been awhile since my last post, and I owe explanation where I spent my last 2.5 months. Now on my flight back from Europe I finally have time to put an update together. I hope for a short update, however can’t guarantee it.

2017 was an awesome year for me, I had an opportunity to stop my career from stalling and eventually following of the cliff to the miserable state when you go to work for one single reason, called “paycheck”. My family and myself are so lucky that currently we can afford such pause in career and find something that interests me.

The goal was to take few months easy, work 20-30 hours a week, blog, spend time with my beautiful baby and wife. It was surprising to find such a high demand in the IT security market in Vancouver. So needless to say – it was difficult to balance between lucrative contract opportunities, family and continuous learning.

When I was asked if I want to start a permanent job – it was close to impossible to explain to recruiters, HR people etc, that I would go for another full time permanent job if it’s the right company – meaning awesome and modern product, culture of doers (not a paycheck collectors), and ability to be an influencer of the product direction.

My job dating game was going for a long time, but it wasn’t a right fit, right opportunity, right location (or working remotely possibility) or right skillset. And again, because I didn’t have an urge to land a new job, I took it at as a quest for perfection. Interview questions (or mostly at this level – great conversations with my peers and industry influencers) allowed me to rethink what I want to do and formulate my ideal job.

And my patience was rewarded when first through innocent tweet around “BADaaS” t-shirt I found
an exciting company AVI Networks and their ADC (Application Delivery Controller – next generation of Load balancers). Everything about the product excites me – SDN architecture, support of multiple Public Clouds, Native Container form factor and support of container orchestration engines, integrations with VMware NSX and Openstack. Also company culture and very interesting set of customers confirm that it’s a dream place for me to be.

My role with AVI Networks becoming one of the first TAMs – where I can bring my past TAM experience and contribute in building the strongest TAM program in the industry. People I met at AVI Networks are all superstars and together we’re able to make AVI Customers the happiest customers in the industry.

I started on December 4th and drinking out of firehose. Due my previous plans and obligation we’re away for family vacation for two weeks, then it was Christmas and now I spent another 10 days in Europe dealing with a long unfinished business in Russia. (I can't call it a vacation)

Now I’m done with my travels and look forward to focus on AVI Customers, Product and TAM Program.  Please excuse me but my blogging in the next little while will be all around AVI Vantage platform, integrations and use cases. If you want to join AVI – here is an URL and email me directly if you’re interested.

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