Friday, September 1, 2017

Value of being NSX vExpert

This week was mostly spent at VMworld – re-connecting and catching up with old friends and meeting new people. 

My industry discoveries can be found on Packet Pushers 

I haven’t been to any VMworld session for several years – as VMware employee I was over loaded during most of my previous events - looking after my customers, organizing meeting between customers and VMware PMs, working at VMware booth etc. 

Also being departed from VMware recently I still feel that my exposure to the content has not expired yet and there is no immediate need to go to the sessions. I got Expo Only pass (that doesn’t allow to go to the sessions, Wednesday party and meals).

Trip highlights were vExpert meetingsNSX vExpert community afternoon on Tuesday was awesome – great coverage of NSX-T and AppDefense – thank you VMware NSBU! 

Also vEspert party allowed to get introduced to some long term vExperts! – more on vExpert Event here 

Additionally I felt really connected with folks at BigSwitch – they rented suite on 60th floor of Mandalay
Bay with an amazing view and invited vExpert to relax with them while consuming tasty drinks, enjoying the view and chatting. BigSwitch technology and culture felt really clicking with me a lot! (Petr version 2017).

In general it was very successful trip – I wish my meetings were scheduled more efficiently, so I would be to see more people. And lets try to keep in touch!

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